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Aug. 25, 2006550

Creation and Evolution; A 'new phase' in Catholic-Orthodox dialogue?; More Mozart; How a Satanist became the 'Man of Mary'; John Paul's 'miracle water'; Background on Benedict's admonishment against working too hard

Aug. 18, 2006549

The dramatic growth of evangelicals in Latin America; Boff and Betto on Castro; More on evolution and religion; Mozart, Masonry and Catholicism; The pope on TV

Aug. 11, 2006548

The pope's Schülerkreis takes on 'Creation and Evolution'; Auxiliary bishop consecrated for Baghdad; The incoming Vatican secretary of state; Cardinal Willebrands: pioneer of ecumenism

Aug. 4, 2006547

Gambian theologian gives voice to the South; The pope's intervention for Africa; Benedict continues appeal for peace; Reader reacts to 'dove' label; Poland and the death penalty; A priest disappears; A note for Knights of Columbus

July 28, 2006546

Church leaders on the Middle East crisis: Wenski, Lajolo, Sodano, the pope and others; Embryonic stem cell research in Europe; Some odds and ends

July 21, 2006545

The Vatican responds to crisis in Middle East; The U.S. bishops respond; A social action summer institute; Zambian archbishop breaks with Rome; A breakthrough for ecumenism; Two follow-ups: Padua and Valencia

July 14, 2006544

A truly international gathering of Catholic ethicists; An African perspective; The pope in Spain; Changes at the Vatican Press Office

July 7, 2006543

Pope's Spain trip promises drama; Expert background; The Holy Chalice of Valencia; A summit on religion in Moscow; Short takes: Missionary attacked and Jesuits on liturgy

June 30, 2006542

Bertone's appointment puts the spotlight on Salesians; Salesians in the United States; Rosmini's sainthood cause advances; Preparations for African Synod; Benedict practices 'communion ecclesiology'; Lopez Trujillo steps up battle against stem cells

June 23, 2006541

Bertone named secretary of state; Reflection on liturgy changes: Bishop Trautman and Msgr. Moroney; The man who rehabilitated Galileo; Italy's radical left and Catholics

June 16, 2006540

The expansion of Catholicism in the South; Ambassadors discuss Vatican diplomacy; Benedict XVI intends to visit Israel in 2007; More on Jewish relations; U.S. court OKs legal action against the Holy See

June 9, 2006539

For Benedict XVI, less is more; Wednesday reflections on the church; The Auschwitz visit; The next battle in the war on relativism; The World Cup and prostitution; The struggle against corruption

June 2, 2006538

Cardinal Pell on Islam and on translations; The pope's freedom and his Achille's heel; Jerzy Kluger, Wojtyla's boyhood friend; The congress for new movements

May 25-28, 2006******

Daily coverage of Pope Benedict XVI's trip to Poland

May 19, 2006537

Benedict's concerns for Poland trip: The European Union, The Deep Legacy of John Paul II, A German Pope Visits Auschwitz, German-Polish Reconciliation; 'What a lay person is'

May 12, 2006536

The Heritage of John Paul II on marriage and the family; Revised norms for clergy sex abuse; Sex abuse in Italy; Ware on 'cardiac anthropology'; Scorecard for the Da Vinci Code; A Radcliffe clarification

May 5, 2006535

Catholic approaches to Islam: hawks and doves; Faith, morals and economics; The Vatican and China; More on Mass translations

April 28, 2006534

Vatican in condom debate; "Prayer for Peace"; Religion in the media; Who's going to be the next Secretary of State?

April 21, 2006533

Benedict's Holy Week: Back to basics; The centrality of love, Service and power; Preferential option for Africa; Other Items: Advances in artificial reproduction; Condoms as a 'lesser evil'; Jesuit anniversaries; The Opus Dei cartoon; Hans Küng on radio; The 'Hope Monstrance'

April 14, 2006532

Church and politics: Italy, Opus Dei, U.S. Ambassador Rooney; The Gospel of Judas; Latin Mass speculation; Medjugorje; Holy Week TV specials

April 7, 2006531

Mahony on immigration; Bishop Trautman on contemporary liturgical debates; Fr. Timothy Radcliffe on hope in the church; Young Catholics in Texas

March 31, 2006530

The last 12 months: What hasn't happened; Who's paying attention?; The dictatorship of relativism; Tough love; Benedict the teacher

March 24, 2006529

Benedict and cardinals discuss Islam, Lefebvre and retired bishops; Biography of Honduran cardinal reveals his global vision; Vatican explains dropping of papal title; A tough line on Islam; A new DVD about John Paul II; ‘Word From Rome’ on the move

March 17, 2006528

Missionary activity since Ad Gentes: Oswald Gracias of Agra, India, and Nicholas Cheong Jin-Suk of Seoul; Interview with Jesuit Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach; Realignment in the Roman Curia; On relations with Muslim states; Responses from readers

March 10, 2006527

World Youth Day preview; Pope sets aside a title; Could Western Christianity create new patriarchates?; Benedict continues to buck convention; The Italian commission on John Paul's shooting; Benedict XVI speaks on women

March 3, 2006526

Cardinal Marc Ouellet on Benedict XVI; Wish list for the Canadian Religious Conference; Quebec priests criticize exclusion of gays; Milwaukee's Archbishop Timothy Dolan

Feb. 24, 2006525

Interview with New Zealand Cardinal Thomas Williams; Benedict's first cardinal appointments; Thumbnail sketches of the new cardinals

Feb. 17, 2006524

Behind the changes at the interreligious council; Australia and RU486; The church and the media; The coming consistory; Update on the murder of Fr. Andrea Santoro

Feb. 10, 2006523

Murder of priest gives insight into Christian-Muslim relations; Pope to visit Turkey; Laura Bush visits Benedict; Jesuits begin to prepare worldwide confab; Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith holds plenary assembly

Feb. 3, 2006522

African Catholicism; Notre Dame president discusses challenges; On Catholic education: Fisichella, Jenkins and Jenky; The latest on Lefebvrites; The future of the Holy Land; Jesuits called to elect new superior

Jan. 27, 2006521

The first encyclical; What the encyclical says about Benedict; Reactions to Deus Caritas Est: Cordes, Wolfensohn, and George; Copyrighting the pope's words; The family and economics

Jan. 20, 2006520

First encyclical nearly ready; The hard work of ecumenism; Prospects for a consistory; Duties shift from State to other congregations; The annulment process; New twist in evolution debate: Short takes on ecumenism and wealth

Jan. 13, 2006519

'Commitment to truth is the soul of justice, Benedict XVI says; Ali Agca and the plot to kill a pope; Pope meets with the Neocatechumenal Way; Ethical issues facing Benedict XVI

Jan. 6, 2006518

Benedict XVI is a man of his word; First encyclical nears release; John Paul II's Marian spirituality; Conclave campaigning; A letter from the Neocatechumenal Way

Dec. 23, 2005517

A new nuncio for the USA; Church universities and the EU; New Ambassadors to the Holy See; Prayer for Christian Unity; Neocatechumenal Way told to regularize liturgical practices

Dec. 16, 2005516

Q & A on Opus Dei

Dec. 9, 2005515

When will this pope make some changes?; Sacred music; On priestly life and ministry; The subsistit in-est debate; Opposing John Paul II's sainthood fast track; Anniversary lunch at the North American College; World Methodist Council in Rome

Dec. 2, 2005514

Gays in the seminary: Interpreting and applying a tough-sounding document; Theologian named for papal household; Remembering Fred McManus; The latest on limbo

Nov. 25, 2005513

China, Taiwan and the Vatican; Media obtain text of gay seminarian document; Sex abuse scandal in Brazil; Assisi and a curial shake up; Short takes: Taxes, Thanksgiving and the Swiss Guard

Nov. 18, 2005512

Pope, Israeli president meet; The Vatican on terrorism; Tariq Aziz and Pope John Paul; U.S. bishops tackle liturgical language; Schönborn on evolutionism again; Talking with Andrew Greeley

Nov. 11, 2005511

The Vatican's new American ambassador; More on the gays in the seminary document; The Vatican and Oil for Food; Britian's new ambassador to the Vatican; Machiavelli: sex abuse survivor?

Nov. 4, 2005510

Keeler on Jewish-Catholic relations; Update: homosexuals in seminaries; Vatican reacts to violence in Israel/Palestine; Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest; Levada's radio interview; 'Stay-at-home mom' beatified; Sr. Teresilla, minister to prisoners, dies

Oct. 28, 200559

The continuing challenge of Nostra Aetate; Synod debates remain open; A sit down with Cardinal Angelo Scola; Wuerl's view of the synod; American ambassador to the Holy See arrives; A seminar on trafficking in persons

Oct. 21, 200558

The final set of propositions; The case of viri probati; Some say the synod lacked theological heft; Christ in the Eucharist; Cause of John Paul II pushed; Cardinal Newman gets a miracle

Oct. 14, 200557

Latin Mass a non-issue; Interview with Bishop Skylstad; Scola's 17 questions to guide the synod; Bioethics and public policy; Anit-Nazi prelate beatified; A correction

Oct. 7, 200556

The synod so far; How to report on a synod; A view from Moscow; Document on homosexuals in seminaries will not create an absolute ban; Catholic left and right square off

Oct. 3-23, 2005**

News and analysis from the Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist

Sept. 30, 200555

Preview of the synod on the Eucharist; Homosexuals and the seminaries; Benedict and Küng in cordial confab

Sept. 23, 200554

Homosexuals in the seminaries; A Global Church in a Globalized World

Sept. 16, 200553

The world's largest inter-religious gathering; Rowan Williams; Plans for papal trip to Turkey; A visit to Taizé; John De Gioia of Georgetown; Simone Veil; Chief rabbis of Israel meet pope; Belgian missionary arrested in Rwanda; A statue blessed

Sept. 9, 200552

Reactions to Hurrican Katrina; The Romans, the Orthodox and primacy; The pope and Turkey; Testimony of a cab driver; 40th anniversary of Dei Verbum; Oscar Romero's cause

Sept. 2, 200551

Benedict and the Lefebvrites; Speaking with Fr. Franz Schmidberger and the Vatican; The skittishness was palpable; Another private audience; WYD debriefing; Soulforce in Rome; A footnote to the CL meeting

Some Special Coverage
August 18-21, 2005**

World Youth Day Coverage from Cologne, Germany

April 26, 2005429

Pondering the first draft of history: Reflections on covering one pope's funeral and another's election

April 2-26, 2005**

Coverage of the papal funeral and election of a new pope

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