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DATE Vol. No. Title
August 26, 2005 4 45

Report from Rimini: Italy's biggest public event; What Comunione e Liberazione is; CL in the USA; Spreading the movement; Cardinal Simonis of Holland; A report from Kenya; Women and Islam

August 18-21, 2005 * *

World Youth Day Coverage from Cologne, Germany

August 12, 2005 4 44

World Youth Day: Benedict XVI on the road; WYD’s importance; ecumenical and interfaith opportunities: Protestant; Jewish; Muslim

August 5, 2005 4 43

Follow up news: Schönborn and evolution, Vatican-Israeli diplomacy; Diverse views of Benedict's first 100 days; Lessons in leadership from John Paul II

July 29, 2005 4 42

The Vatican and Islam; Vatican-Israeli relations boil over; World Youth Day in Cologne … and then Sydney; The 10th anniversary of We Are Church; Feeding the hungry; Waiting for an ambassador

July 22, 2005 4 41

Schönborn and science vs. theology; Questions to an academician, an astrophysicist and a biochemist; CDF acts against a religious founder; Hard times at British embassy; In defense of Harry Potter

July 15, 2005 4 40

Benedict's busman's holiday; The papal entourage; Communion and Liberation; Vatican finances; Cardinal Sodano on terrorism; Ratzinger homestead up for sale

July 8, 2005 4 39

'Benchmarks of Catholicity' for universities; Holy See finances in the black; Document on homosexuals in seminary in pope's hands; Anti-poverty rally blessed; Ecumenical outreach: Moscow and Istanbul; Preparing the synod on Eucharist; Bombing in London

July 1, 2005 4 38

Americans receive palliums; Interviews with Archbishops Gregory and Fiorenza; Benedict extends a hand to Constantinople; John Paul's beatification opens; Scripture and hermeneutics seminar; Two books of interest

June 24, 2005 4 37

A church more willing to fight back; Cardinal Angelo Scola, an interesting intellectual; Christians and Islam; Christians in Sudan; A new history of Vatican II

June 17, 2005 4 36 Benedict XVI wins round in culture wars; results explained; next round in Spain; Vatican and Israel on taxing church property; pope meets with WCC head; Regina Mundi, early theology school for women, closes; justice and peace council applauds debt forgiveness.
June 10, 2005 4 35

Benedict on the family; Radcliffe on multi-religious Europe; Benedict meets with Jewish leaders; Archbishop Chaput on anti-Semitism; A raucous seminar on church history; One note on Fr. Maciel; Speaking engagements

June 3, 2005 4 34

Benedict the teacher; The five 'big ideas' of the Ratzinger pontificate; Benedict the governor; Benedict the collegial pope; Benedict the sanctifier

May 31, 2005 4 33

Pope Benedict's first trip outside Rome: Talking with an Orthodox priest in Bari; St. Nicholas' bones; Benedict at the eucharistic congress; A political subtext; Panels on women, lay movements and social action

May 27, 2005 4 32

Chronology of the latest news about Maciel; Peace, justice and the liturgy; Benedict's first major public events; Kasper on Eucharistic unity

May 20, 2005 4 31

Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ; Interview with the Roman-Anglican commission cochair; Next U.S. ambassador to Holy See named; Reactions to Levada's appointment

May 13, 2005 4 30

Levada to head Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; Tom Reese and America; Benedict reaches out to China, Vietnam and Judaism; Anglican-Catholic relations; Changes in the beatification ceremony; Beatification can begin for Pope John Paul II

April 26, 2005 4 29

Pondering the first draft of history: Reflections on covering one pope's funeral and another's election

April 2-26, 2005 * *

Coverage of the papal funeral and election of a new pope

April 1, 2005 4 28

Stafford on pope’s health; feeding tubes; comparison with Schiavo case; the ‘Gang of Four’; the new feminism; Jesuit Fr. John O’Donnell, dead at 60

March 25, 2005 4 27 The rumors were exaggerated; A talk with experts in Parkinson's disease; Long Island Voice of the Faithful; The retired Melkite archbishop of Galilee and Arab Christians; A short note on Terri Schiavo
March 18, 2005 4 26 Papabili at an 'agenda-setting moment'; Jesuit Fr. Michael Buckley on relations with non-Christian religions; Caritas in North Korea; Jack Miles on religion and foreign policy
March 11, 2005 4 25 Cardinal George discusses liturgy and translations; Stem cell research and debating 'embryo adoption'; Europe and the election of the next pope; The pope is a rock star?
March 4, 2005 4 24 The Vatican and a lawsuit; The meaning of John Paul's suffering; Talking with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor; Vatican-Israeli negotiations proceed; John Paul's Memory and Identity
February 25, 2005 4 23 My advice to the Vatican: Visit the L.A. Religious Ed Congress; Report card on ecclesiology; World Youth Day in Cologne; An appreciation of Fr. Luigi Giussani; The 'three-kick rule'
February 18, 2005 4 22 The pope's prognosis; Would he, could he resign?; The annulment instruction; Condi Rice at the Vatican; Jesuit Haight barred from teaching Catholic theology
February 11, 2005 4 21 The pope's prognosis; Would he, could he resign?; The annulment instruction; Condi Rice at the Vatican; Jesuit Haight barred from teaching Catholic theology
February 4, 2005 4 20 Covering the pope's hospitalization; U.S.-Vatican commission on sex abuse norms meets; Religion in the public square; Combating 'Christianophobia'; Italy debates artificial reproduction
January 28, 2005 4 19 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity; 'One strike' abuse policy being looked at; Condom discussion takes nuance and clarity; A 'war between the generations'; The little Madonna of Civitavecchia
January 20, 2005 4 18 Christians in Iraq; The pope and rabbis; More on Pius XII and Catholic-Jewish dialogue; Spain stirs debate on condoms
January 14, 2005 4 17 The pope on food; Interview with departing ambassador; Buttiglione, Europe's anti-abortion politician; Pius XII, the Holocaust and the Jews; Remembering Cardinal Jan Schotte
January 7, 2005 4 16 Remembering Jacques Dupuis; John Paul's holidays; Cardinal Diogini Tettamanzi under fire; More on Fr. Marcial Maciel
December 3, 2004 4 15 Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor on ecumenism; Mega-trends in global Catholicism; Revising sex abuse norms; The Holy See and the Legionaries of Christ; Diplomacy in the cause of religious freedom
November 26, 2004 4 14 The World Congress on Consecrated Life; Debate over norms governing cases of priest sexual abuse reopens; Personnel changes and coming changes; Spanish cultural wars; Comments on decentralization
November 19, 2004 4 13 Looking again at who's in charge; Meeting the Patriarch of Constantinople; Reflections on truthfulness; A 'state of the union' on ecumemism; The importance of George as vice president
November 12, 2004 4 12 Post election water-cooler talk; A conversation with Archbishop William Levada; The Year of the Eucharist; A Focolare conference; Dialogue with Islam
November 5, 2004 4 11 Rome's Lay Centre; Discussing relations with non-Christian religions; Debating sacramental theology and ecumenical sensitivity; Vox Clara Commission to meet in Rome; John Paul receives Iraq's Ayad Allawi
October 29, 2004 4 10 Dialoguing with missionaries in San Antonio; More reader responses; Ratzinger on contemporary society; the new Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
October 22, 2004 4 9 John Paul opens the Eucharistic Year; Procedural justice under the code; Vatican lecture season opens; Answering e-mails
October 15, 2004 4 8 John Paul opens the Eucharistic Year; Procedural justice under the code; Vatican lecture season opens; Answering e-mails
October 8, 2004 4 7 If the Vatican could vote on Nov. 2; Sex abuse looms large in U.S. bishops' ad limina visits; Preview of the World Congress on Consecrated Life; Austrian update
October 1, 2004 4 6 Condom debate frustrates; Irish church fails to develop child protection policies; Austrians leaving the church; Benedictines to move into Mater Ecclesiae convent
September 24, 2004 4 5 World hunger and biotechnology debated; Honors for pro-choice politician; Lefebvrite update; Cardinal Arinze in New York; Sects and 'African Initiated Churches'
September 17, 2004 4 4 A journey to Africa: confronting AIDS, relations among religions, and the challenges of poverty
September 10, 2004 4 3 Unpopularity of Bush administration runs deep internationally; The horrors of Belsan; Martino on terrorism; The 'parish priest and Communist mayor'; John Paul's trip to Loreto
September 3, 2004 4 2 Russian Catholic struggles; Ordinary Orthodox support their leaders' views; Can an icon promote unity?
August 27, 2004 4 1 Why the transfer in ownership of a Russian icon is a news story; Opposing forces in Italian church try détente; The bottom line at Lourdes

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