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Archives of previous columns from Volume II
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The Entire Collection:     Volume I (Aug. 31, 2001 to Aug. 23, 2002)    |    Volume II (Aug. 30, 2002 to Aug. 22, 2003)    |    Volume III (Aug. 29, 2003 to Aug. 20, 2004)    |    Volume IV (Aug. 27, 2004 to Aug. 26, 2005)   |    Volume V (Aug. 27, 2005 to Aug. 26, 2006)   |   Volume VI (Sept. 1, 2006 to Aug. 25, 2007)    |   Volume VII (Sept. 1, 2007 to Sept. 19, 2008)     |   Volume VIII (Sept. 26, 2008 to ...)
DATE Volume Number Title
August 30, 2002 2 1 Taking up, once again, the fundamental drama of Christians vs. Islam; viewing the pope from Poland
September 6, 2002 2 2 Sant'Egidio gathers voices unheard in U.S. war debate; the legacy of Fr. Giuseppo "Pino" Puglisi
September 13, 2002 2 3 Running low on cardinals; update on Milingo (newly an author); The up side of globalism; response to a Weigel swipe
September 20, 2002 2 4 Vatican view on the sex abuse charter; no Catholic support for a war on Iraq; on more cardinals and papabili
September 27, 2002 2 5 An ‘experiment’ still isn’t law; more on homosexuals and priesthood; Ratzinger  joins anti-war voices; Legionaries hold orientation for bishops
October 4, 2002 2 6 Insta-analysis of papal appointments; three Roman gatherings; a “no” to women deacons that wasn’t; lunch with Fr. Sirico
October 11, 2002 2 7 Incomprehensions about Opus Dei; a need to know about the norms; two gestures that speak louder than words; a report on sex abuse
October 18, 2002 2 8 Popes and Vatican II after 40 years: Warm and varied memories, perspectives; readers react to Opus Dei comments, of course; Allen hits the road to discuss, promote Conclave: Coming to a local theater near you?
October 22, 2002 2 9 Vatican reply not a rejection of zero tolerance; John Paul’s mystical streak; insight into Castrillon; dinner with Neuhaus; hoping for Husar (NOTE:  Published a few days early.)
November 1, 2002 2 10 “Mixed commission” work completed, results to be announced; meeting with Chicago shakers; priests who should be 
November 8, 2002 2 11 Issues loom as bishops take up revised norms; liturgy ‘as the life we want to lead’; pontificating about pontiffs in Milwaukee; my wife and her Prince of Peace
November 15, 2002 2 12 Longing for an Italian repast; bishops; Buchanan; a favorite papal candidate; the new ICEL; a Conclave correction
November 22, 2002 2 13 The U.S.-Vatican cultural gap; latest on new document on homosexuality; ambivalence on peace rally; word from the Remnant
November 29, 2002 2 14 The ‘secret’ norms; another Latin American blames the press; world protest against the death penalty; Milingo’s back
December 6, 2002 2 15 Fox on Asia in Rome; more on ‘the norms’; Arinze holds liturgical line; orders and movements take first stab at dialogue
December 13, 2002 2 16 Law in Rome; gays in seminaries; cardinals in waiting; a Canadian bishop in love
December 20, 2002 2 17 Behind Law’s final days; update on document on admitting gays to seminary; new curial appointments
December 27, 2002 2 18 The liberal side of John Paul II; Italy’s rebel priest; and Merry Christmas to all
January 3, 2003 2 19 Top 10 neglected Catholic stories of 2002
January 10, 2003 2 20 Iraqi bishop welcomes latest papal appeals for peace; the trouble with labels; on U.S. Catholic higher education
January 17, 2003 2 21 Optimism on the Christian-Muslim front; Papal appeal for peace; Vatican ‘note’ on politics
January 24, 2003 2 22 From papal palace to garbage dump: A hint of what might have been
January 31, 2003 2 23 Priest who was present at the start reviews bold ecumenical vision of Vatican II
February 7, 2003 2 24 Cardinal Stafford: Celebrating the Eucharist, envisioning war don’t go together
February 14, 2003 2 25 Vatican anti-war activity increases with visit to Iraq; Signs that Ratzinger is winding down activity at CDF
February 21, 2003 2 26 And tonight’s guest is … Vatican plays host to an uneasy world
February 28, 2003 2 27 Blocking war remains high on Vatican to-do list; An interview with Cardinal Lopez Trujillo
March 7, 2003 2 28 Best of American Catholicism on display at LA conference
March 14, 2003 2 29 New from the papal pen: a book-length poem; War doesn’t fit the Vatican’s global vision
March 21, 2003 2 30 For pacifist Jim Douglass, a stop in Rome on way to Baghdad
March 28, 2003 2 31 Persistent sex abuse victims get message from pope; Two cathedrals, two world views; the Blair rumors
April 4, 2003 2 32 So far, no Islamic-Christian clashes; a proposal for ‘United States of Latin America’; a word on ‘Easter faith’
April 11, 2003 2 33 Vatican officials listen during symposium on pedophilia; seminary admission guidelines for homosexuals; Ratzinger may be leaving, but not yet 
April 18, 2003 2 34 Pope rekindles Eucharistic ‘amazement’; Asian Catholicism; a memorial for 21st century Christian martyrs; preparing for World Youth Day 2005 
April 25, 2003 2 35 Robust pope rouses Holy Week crowds; Dreaming of ecumenical peace coalition; Good Friday talk with Tommy Thompson; maladies of Vatican journalism
May 2, 2003 2 36 Farewell interview with Israel’s ambassador to the Holy See; Meeting the focolarini; The origins of cappucino; apostle of mass communications beatified
May 9, 2003 2 37 New Movements changing Spain; the vocation of the theologian; “Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest”; the Rector’s Dinner at the North American College
May 16, 2003 2 38

A response to the interview with Israel’s outgoing ambassador to the Holy See; Debate in Israel’s tiny Catholic community; Evangelizing Roman youth; The Kazan icon

May 23, 2003 2 39 U.S. vs. Vatican: a clash of cultures; Document on seminary admission of homosexuals not likely; Fr. Claude Geffré on Christian challenges in the 21st century
May 30, 2003 2 40 Dialogue with Islam; humanitarian disaster in Iraq; A ‘Latin Mass’ Revival; Insight into Vatican diplomacy; More on the beatification of Queen Isabella
June 6, 2003 2 41 Serious study of sex abuse; Powell’s Vatican visit; Pope’s Middle East talk is blunt, carefully balanced; the community that preserves the faith 
June 13, 2003 2 42 Croatia as East-West bridge; Reconciling Catholicism and Orthodoxy in Croatia; Threats against the pope; Visiting Dominican Fr. Timothy Radcliffe; 100th papal trip gala
June 20, 2003 2 43 The papal liturgist; The Phoenix bishop; Methodists in Rome; Catholics in Israel; The 8th of May Movement calls it quits
June 27, 2003 2 44 Feeling Bosnia's pain; Caritas turns justice focus inward; The church in China; Questions for Sr. Gramick; Letters from readers
July 3, 2003 2 45 The O’Malley appointment; A talk with Archbishop Dolan; Anglicans and homosexuality; Women in the church; Saving Christian Europe
July 11, 2003 2 46 Cardinal Rodriguez on ‘shaking things up’ and lessons learned; Vatican finances; Pope promises Africa initiative; Vatican procedures for priests accused of sex abuse
August 8, 2003 2 47 The Vatican’s use of secrecy; The social analysis in the Vatican’s gay marriage document; Rigali’s appointment;  Red hats and genetically modified organisms
August 15, 2003 2 48

Explaining Crimen Sollicitationi; South African nuns receive apology for mistreatment; Catholic diplomacy in Liberia; Intercommunion dispute in Germany; Cloning

August 22, 2003 2 49 The pope’s too liberal; down on American culture; champion of  ‘dynamic orthodoxy’; Disowning ‘primacy of conscience’; hubbub in Holland; hot, hot, hot; some brief notes

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